praise for Horse To Water

book review by Nicole Yurcaba

“He’d never expected to hear it from another officer. Perhaps it meant nothing, but it was a flaw where there should have only been certainty. It was probably nothing. Maybe.”

In this exciting read, readers meet DCI Taplin, a man embarking on the investigation of the mystery surrounding DCI Miles Archer. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes more complex and challenges Taplin in ways he never expected to encounter when dealing with another officer. At the center of the drama is a clandestine operation known as Operation Bulwark, a long-term mission that seems impossible to understand but which influences everything Taplin encounters. As readers progress through the book, they meet interesting, eccentric characters like Paul Hunter, who add a unique twist to DCI Taplin’s search for the truth. The story twists and folds, and Taplin not only learns more about the case and those involved, but he learns just what will test his own character to its limits.

This book harbors the best elements of any thriller. It possesses action, humor, drama, and suspense. It unfolds in a cinematic manner. The dialogue is one of the book’s best features. It engages readers and moves the plot line forward. Within the dialogue, subtle humor adds to the characters’ authenticity. This humor also balances the book’s drama and suspense. Taplin is a notable character, one that’s easy to both love and hate. His tenacity draws in readers. For those looking for a new kind of action thriller, this book has a lot to offer. For readers new to the action-thriller genre, this book provides them with an easy stepping point into the genre. It is an explosive, page-turning book with a philosophical and human core.

Reviewed by Olga Markova for Readers’ Favorite

Horse to Water by Peter Bailey is a superb thought-provoking crime mystery with the scene set in London, right on the doorstep of New Scotland Yard. Approaching his car parked at the North entrance of New Scotland Yard, DCI Archer stops to read a message on his phone. The message blames him for Operation Bulwark, which had ruined good lives. The next moment his car explodes. DCI David Taplin, who had worked in the team of detectives led by DCI Archer, is appointed to investigate the explosion and the attempted murder of DCI Archer. The investigation takes Taplin and his team through a maze of puzzling and unexpected events and discoveries. What was Operation Bulwark? Who planted the bomb in DCI Archer’s car?

Reading Horse to Water by Peter Bailey, I thoroughly enjoyed investigating this case with DCI David Taplin and his team. Offering more than a purely entertaining read, this is a genuinely unputdownable, action-packed, fast-paced, suspenseful story generously laced with hilarious subtle humor. Central to the story is the high price paid by victims of mistakes in police investigations. In addition, the multifaceted prism of DCI Taplin’s analysis offers thought-provoking exposure to the social ills that impact the crime rates and the public image of the police. I highly recommend it to a broad adult audience and fans of crime fiction, action thrillers, and suspenseful mysteries.